Test Post

27 07 2011


The Calm After the Storm

21 10 2008

I’m sitting here at work, almost 3 days since I had my last Finals.
It’s a great feeling knowing all the hard work is done, but what’s highly nervewracking about it’s how the work’s gonna turn out in the end.

I just hope I see a lot of 3’s in there instead of a big fat 5.

But for now I just have the Dilnet Applicants’ exam to make, and this big pizza party later for all the Dilnet people. Oh happy day. =)

A Slow Day

8 10 2008

Besides Mom going out to buy stuff and go to Church, there’s nothing much going on today… Guess it’s not much of a Hell Week… not yet at least.
Something inside me wishes the practical exam today didn’t get postponed. Then again, something inside me says it’s just fine.

Now I’m just going for my gaming stuff and everything… Maybe relax a bit.

Plurkers are they!

7 10 2008

I arrived in Dilnet some time ago… that is, after my ME 63 exam (which, by the way, was 50% easy and 50% confusing– there *were* only two problems anyways :p ).

Everyone settled in some time after I arrived, and now I find… 1, 2, 3, 4… 5 Plurkers on the scene, microblogging away. And doing meebo. And Friendster… most of them Plurking.
Seems I’m the only one who’s doing actual old-fashioned blogging and stuff.
What if things such as Plurk and meebo weren’t invented though? Then there might not be so many distractions to my schoolwork. Then again, that wouldn’t be much fun either, would it?

(One of my friend’s Plurk page’s titled “A Plurker is Me” after his favorite online game Kingdom of Loathing. And he’s probably the most addicted person to Plurk in the room right now. Except maybe for the other dude who just came in looking at me type this post and pulling my hair. :p I wouldn’t know… I don’t have an account.)

A Testament

5 10 2008

One week of hell to come.
More to come in a month.

I say: bring it on!
But honestly, 4 exams in one week? That’s just ridiculous…

(saging lang ang may puso!!)

27 07 2007

There’s this incredibly obscure movie, Apoy sa Dibdib ng Samar. Well, it would be obscure, save for this one line by none else than Mark Lapid:

Oo! Inaamin ko, saging lang kami! Pero maghanap ka ng puno sa buong Pilipinas… Saging lang ang may puso… SAGING LANG ANG MAY PUSO!!

You should see that scene. The look on the policeman(restraining Mark Lapid)’s face… One of the things you can’t buy with a Mastercard(TM).
Hence the title.

*Again, I’m just here in DilNET. Not that there aren’t any tech support calls. It just feels kinda wrong for me to leave the place alone. (Two colleagues that were with me earlier left for somewhere already.) Things have been pretty uneventful this week, especially since we don’t have an exam in EEE33 tomorrow. Actually, I’m not sure how to feel about that.

*I’ve undertaken a project for the Computer Networks Laboratory (to which I applied for affiliateship over the summer). It’s a really cool project, and I hope that this would really help the most people in the EEE department when it’s done. (=D) I’m gonna have to get to work on interface design soon enough. I’m getting used to programming again… At least, for my own good, I could learn a bit more from day-to-day experiences.

*QCSHS people have formed a new organization called Xientia. We haven’t met again, though… 😕

*I’m back to wrestling training again. And weight training. Considering most people in the club are way stronger than I am, it kinda makes sense. =D

*When the time also came for the State of the Nation Address, the Computer Center received a bomb threat. (This, though, was not as publicized as the one made to Diliman Preparatory School). My colleagues who were there swear the SWAT team took ages to arrive. The employees who were there at the time had enough time to hold a meeting, take pictures, etc before the building was pronounced safe (and not due to become rubble in the next 20 or so minutes.

My life’s going at a breakneck pace right now. But since it’s hard for me to notice anyway, I just try to relax. And maybe go to SM. Hehehehehehehehe. XP

(incredibly long pause)

27 07 2007

I don’t know why I suddenly stop pouring out my thoughts to my little patch of cyberspace every s often. Maybe it’s just me.
It’s been one whole sem (and one summer) since I stopped (again). Maybe I’ve been just too busy. XD

And yet life goes on. And everyone else blogs… while waiting for people to call or come in, asking for help with something.
I’m just… here.

Maybe I’ll go to SM. Or TriNoMa. Hehehehehe.